Bi-fold Patio Impact Doors Installation

The State of Florida is known as the Sunshine State because of its tropical feeling, intense sunshine and easy access to the ocean to the east and west.  But Florida should also be called the thunderstorm state, as it gets more thunderstorms each year than any other state.  This means building a luxury home by the beach comes with some serious risk of property damage.  Normal glass doors can’t handle the humidity and weather conditions that Florida goes through every year, so impact glass doors are the safer choice.  If you want to have a glass patio door for your building, we recommend a bi-fold patio impact glass door.

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What Are The Features of Bi-fold Patio Impact Doors?

Bi-fold Patio Impact Glass Doors are

Bi-fold patio impact glass doors will save you money on air conditioning by retaining cold air inside and keeping hot air outside. Impact doors are designed to provide the same beauty and transparency as a normal bi-fold patio door would, while also providing necessary resistance to hurricanes and thunderstorms.  Many buildings in Florida come with some form of metal shutters to protect the property from big storms.  Impact glass doors can also function as a passive, transparent defense against storms, whether you remember to put up the shutters or not!

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What Are Some Common Uses for a Bi-fold Patio Impact Door?

Families can sleep well at night knowing there is a strong set of wind-resistant Bi-fold Patio Impact Glass Doors helping guard the back of their homes looking out over the patio.

Some homes in Florida often have splash pools and may utilize a set of Bi-fold Impact Glass Doors on the back of the house to enjoy looking out at the pool and opening it up to create a more welcoming space where indoors meets outdoors. Another scenario could be they have the Bi-fold Impact Glass Doors off their master bedroom facing the back patio or pool deck for a more romantic atmosphere and convenience in accessing the pool. These Bi-fold Patio Impact Doors are a stunning addition to any home!

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Why Should I Choose National Glass & Construction?

National Glass & Construction offers:

National Glass & Construction has been in the glass industry throughout all of its changes over the recent decades, while most glass companies have only been at it for the past ten years.  National Glass & Construction works only internally, without finding employees from outside sources.  Most glass companies use outsourced labor, which means inconsistent quality, practices and results.  We offer options for which manufacturers our customers can pick from. Some companies only use one manufacturer, but National Glass & Construction keeps your options open.  We inform our customers honestly and with availability.  You can contact us through our website at to have any of your questions answered with integrity.

Glass breaking is not covered by warranty. We cover situations in which Installation was not done properly, or doors don’t roll the way they should, or if mechanisms don’t function the right way.  Warranty does cover water leaks. 

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Ready to Buy Bi-fold Patio Impact Glass Doors?

If you need a weather-resistant patio door, Bi-fold Patio Impact Glass Doors provide the right amount of protection along with a flexible blend of visibility while closed, and spaciousness while open. You can contact our office to learn more about the many benefits of Bi-fold Patio Impact Glass Doors and see how well this charming door would compliment your home’s exterior and add a huge increase to your home value.

At National Glass & Construction, we bring everything to the table you could possibly need:

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Highly recommend their services! The team that came over was super friendly and did an incredible job. They made such a big difference. Thanks for doing such a great job.
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National Glass & Construction did great work! We agreed to specific times on when the job could be worked on. They were completely professional from start to finish and were flexible with my schedule and provided me with a clear understanding of what he was going to be doing. The team did an awesome job installing the sliding doors.
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This company had done my sliding glass doors and a few windows. Great prices and the team is very nice and understanding. I would highly recommend this company.
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The team installed windows and doors. They had great communication and customer service. They did such an amazing installation for a very reasonable price.
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