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Impact glass windows & Impact doors installation Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Florida weather can be very unpredictable. It’s a good thing there are companies like National Glass & Construction helping residents of Fort Lauderdale, FL install the right home construction needs like Impact Glass Windows & Impact Glass Doors to acquire the peace of mind and protection they deserve to keep their family and property safe from harm.
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National Glass & Construction

What’s Your Preference in Impact Glass Windows & Impact Doors Installation?

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National Glass & Construction

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National Glass & Construction

Commercial Storefront for Fort Lauderdale, FL

Setting up the safe and secure impact glass and impact doors for a commercial storefront in Fort Lauderdale, Fl is necessary in today’s busy and unpredictable storm seasons. You never know when wind, heavy rains or flying debris will crash into your storefront and cause damage to your property or worse – hurt a loved one inside. Preventing loss of life and property and avoiding damages of any kind is a top priority for individual home and business owners who purchase Impact Windows and Doors for their Commercial Storefronts.
National Glass & Construction

How Does the Sales Process & Delivery Process Work?


First the customer calls to schedule an estimate or get a quote.


Next, the Customer Reps will ask some questions to the client over the phone & schedule an appointment for someone to come in person & check out the property.


On the scheduled date, a sales rep arrives at the property, does a walkthrough, & understands what the client wants.


Now they do some measurements & estimate the pricing.


The sales rep goes to the office and puts together a proposal (labor, the permits, any needed materials, all necessary approvals, everything is handled and the final cost reflects that)


Now they send that to estimate and explain the benefits and all to the client.


Now the customer signs the proposal


Meet with the client to take a deposit of at least 30-50% of invoice & signature for permit application & for notice of commitment (legal doc to be filed w/ government; let government know working on property). Permit/paperwork needs to be notarized hence why in person (Check, card, etc).


National Glass & Construction gets started on this & takes care of it all for the customer. Unlike other contractors who force you to get your own permits, etc.


Turnkey process on customer’s end since we take care of it all: from getting the permits, to the license, ordering materials, & getting the homeowner Association approval from your Fort Lauderdale, FL residence’s HOA.


Installing the Impact Windows & Getting the City Approval.


Once we’ve got all the materials, we can get started right away.


Once it's installed the city inspectors come in, they inspect & give the green light that installation meets city requirements.


After your installation: Close the permit once installation is done.


Get the final remaining part of the invoice from the client.

National Glass & Construction


Takes up to a month to get approved by the city.

Then we order materials: such as impact doors, impact windows, etc. (It can take up to 6-8 weeks until orders come in normally, but with Covid slowing things down, it may take up to 10-12 weeks even longer. Just want clients to be aware.)

National Glass & Construction

Why Choose To Work With National Glass & Construction?

At National Glass & Construction we have a long history in the South Florida region, and especially in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our skill sets have grown and been molded to modern adaptations and improvements with every change in the industry over all our years in this glass windows and doors business within the sunshine state. Here’s a list of just some of the reasons our customers prefer to choose us over a competitor:
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Schedule an appointment today! Call: (305)599-0909
National Glass & Construction

About Fort Lauderdale, FL

Taking a break and having a good time with your family is just as important as protecting your loved ones by having impact glass windows and doors installed. Once you’ve had your appointment with us and are waiting for your customized quote, try exploring the sites in the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale.
Some of the finest destinations you can visit in Florida are all nestled neatly in the heart of Fort Lauderdale with most being located near the downtown district. You may even walk by some of the elegant commercial storefronts we’ve installed with impact glass from National Glass & Construction! Be sure to give this list a try and experience some of the top venues in the region. Many of these places are so much fun they fit the mold for an exciting tourist attraction, but also serve as a fantastic place to take the family when living as a local resident. Here are just a few fabulous favorites:
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Whenever you get the chance to hang out and enjoy the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale, FL, it is almost expected that you’ll eventually work up an appetite, right? Why not check out a couple of these delectable dining possibilities in the Fort Lauderdale area while you are soaking in the sunshine and local attractions. Here are 10 must try dining options you won’t want to miss:

What our client says about us...

Sandra B.
Sandra B.Customer
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Highly recommend their services! The team that came over was super friendly and did an incredible job. They made such a big difference. Thanks for doing such a great job.
Antonio D.
Antonio D.Customer
Read More
National Glass & Construction did great work! We agreed to specific times on when the job could be worked on. They were completely professional from start to finish and were flexible with my schedule and provided me with a clear understanding of what he was going to be doing. The team did an awesome job installing the sliding doors.
Briana E.
Briana E.Customer
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This company had done my sliding glass doors and a few windows. Great prices and the team is very nice and understanding. I would highly recommend this company.
Jordan P.
Jordan P.Customer
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The team installed windows and doors. They had great communication and customer service. They did such an amazing installation for a very reasonable price.
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