Single Hung Impact Windows

One of the more traditional windows in South Florida would be the Single Hung Residential Impact Windows. These windows are made to fit flush along the walls in a regular residential building or family home. Single Hung Impact Windows are perfect for use in a townhome, single family home, condominiums, office, high rise building, medical office buildings, or other building where traditional Single Hung Impact Windows would be helpful.
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What Are The Features of Single Hung Impact Windows?

A Single Hung Impact Window is designed to slide in the jamb of the window as opposed to that of a casement window which opens outward holding its glass within its hinges on the frame itself. Here are some of the features of a Single Hung Impact Window:
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Single Hung Impact Windows will help lower utility costs by saving on your air conditioning bill as these windows assist in keeping colder air inside and preventing hot air from getting in. Say goodbye to overly loud noises too as these Single Hung Impact Windows can be a big help with outdoor noise reduction. This is ideal for storefronts, homes and offices.

Single Hung Impact Windows provide their own allure aesthetically and bring a smooth, architecturally attractive look to your home, while also providing necessary resistance to the menacing hurricanes and t-storms. Buildings in Florida often come with metal shutters to provide a form of added protection from high winds and debris. Installing Single Hung Impact Glass Windows can serve as a silent, transparent defense against storms.
If you need a window in a tight space around the kitchen, or to cover an entire wall and ceiling of your home, office or store, or if you’re looking for a unique aesthetic for your own architectural tastes, single-hung windows are perfectly suited for the job.

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Who Can Get National Glass & Construction Windows?

Anyone from Palm Beach county all the way down to Miami Dade county can get a casement impact window installation from National Glass & Construction.
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Why Should I Choose National Glass & Construction?

National Glass & Construction offers:
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National Glass & Construction

Great Things To Know About National Glass & Construction

National Glass & Construction has been in the glass industry for many years – since the 1980’s. We were there throughout all of the glass industry changes over the recent decades, while most glass companies have only been at it for the past ten years. National Glass & Construction works only internally, without finding employees from outside sources. Most glass companies use outsourced labor, which means inconsistent quality, practices and results. We choose to only work in-house to give that added security that the job will get done right the first time. National Glass & Construction even offers options for which manufacturers our customers can pick from. Some companies only use one manufacturer, but National Glass & Construction keeps your options open. We inform our customers honestly and with availability. You can contact us through our website at to have any of your questions answered with integrity.
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Ready to Buy Single Hung Impact Windows?

Feel confident in making your purchase. Working with National Glass & Construction means working with experience, embracing freedom, enjoying transparency, and being thankful for assurance. Serving South Florida clients and giving them our all is what we do. Single Hung Impact Glass Windows are a worthy investment and will add subtle protection, increased value, added beautification, and needed sound dampening for your home or office. Choose to make this a better year by ensuring your family’s safety and improving your property value with Single Hung Impact Windows. Saving on your energy bill is just a nice bonus.
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How Do I Make an Appointment?

National Glass & Construction’s office hours begin at 7:30 A.M. Reach out to us on weekdays at (305) 599-0909 or by email

Take a look at our portfolio for samples of how your new impact glass windows can look. Contact us today at National Glass & Construction to schedule a consultation.


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Highly recommend their services! The team that came over was super friendly and did an incredible job. They made such a big difference. Thanks for doing such a great job.
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National Glass & Construction did great work! We agreed to specific times on when the job could be worked on. They were completely professional from start to finish and were flexible with my schedule and provided me with a clear understanding of what he was going to be doing. The team did an awesome job installing the sliding doors.
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This company had done my sliding glass doors and a few windows. Great prices and the team is very nice and understanding. I would highly recommend this company.
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The team installed windows and doors. They had great communication and customer service. They did such an amazing installation for a very reasonable price.
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